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Buying a second-hand car is a choice that is usually taken mainly for economic reasons: in fact, many times you can find real bargains , with very prestigious models – often even full-featured – which are sold at much lower prices than the list. But as we will see together, the advantages of used cars are not limited to immediate savings used cars in san diego.

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What are the advantages of buying a used car?

In the last period, the crisis in the microchip and electronic components sector, a direct consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, has made it increasingly difficult to receive a new car in a short time.

The first advantage deriving from the purchase of used cars , as throughout the national territory, is therefore the immediate availability of private and company vehicles in full mechanical efficiency, which you can view directly on site and bring home in a few days.

In addition, some dealers offer you guaranteed used cars, i.e. subjected to periodic mechanical and quality checks , or on which a series of assistance services will be included in the price, such as ordinary and extraordinary maintenance coupons .

By buying a second-hand car you can also:

Avoid the immediate depreciation of the car, otherwise known as the “loss of VAT”: in fact, within the first year of life of a new vehicle, 22% is immediately subtracted from its market value;

Saving on the cost of the RC car policy , given that the cost of the insurance is also influenced by the year of registration of the vehicle;

Having a wide choice of vehicles, often also equipped with options which, if included in a new car, can cost you thousands of euros.

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